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Hooded Sully Dragon Costume For Kids

Hooded Sully Dragon Costume For Kids


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Sully - is that you?

Your kid can answer that question with a resounding yes when he's wearing this incredibly cute Sully the Dragon Costume for Kids. Set the imagination flowing with fun and interesting playtime thoughts. He can hit the street for the Halloween trick-or-treat rounds with wings spread, acting out the art of soaring through the clouds as he moves from one house to another. He's the coolest dragon in town; just don't get in the way of his fire breathing!

  • Includes: Hood with attached wings and tail.
  • Does not include: Shirt, pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease"

That daring young dragon is out seeking treats! Through the ages, dragons were feared adversaries of humanity, bent on wanton destruction. Bold knights were dispatched to the far corners of the realms to end their terror. These days, dragons have taken on a cuter appeal, and your child is able to play either role in this versatile costume. The affable Sully is always up for fun and ready to help out a fellow dragon in distress.

To the dragon's lair!

Your kid can imagine his bedroom or an outside play area is his dragon's lair, where he is safe from marauding knights and he can plan his next adventure. He might set out on Halloween imagining it as a raiding party, where he gets to pillage the neighborhood of its waiting delights. He measures his bounty at the end of the night and then takes it back to his lair - just don't give him too many treats at one time or the dragon could lose some of those teeth!

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