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Creepy Spider Web (400 Square Feet)

Creepy Spider Web (400 Square Feet)


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Shivery fun with woven webs!

Set up a Creepy Spider Web display to leave guests shuddering in fear with overwhelming cobwebs stretched before them. The fun is endless as you stretch these webs from one end of the house to the other. Super stretchy, these fake webs give you all the creepy thrills of the real thing, without dealing with an actual arachnid infestation. That's a relief!

  • Includes: 4.2 oz. of white web that can stretch out to 400 feet.
  • Material: Polyester.

Create an abandoned house party

Turn your home into a creepy haunted house, perfect for a Halloween party, with nothing but fake webs. By layering the webs, you can create separate rooms, draw attention to unique a tableau or make reaching the punch bowl a true exercise of courage. The sensation of breaking through a spider web is visceral for most people, so you can create a lifelike experience with some patience and creative applications. Use the web to partially obscure a doorway, forcing guests to duck on their way through. Cover the windows to make the house look older and abandoned. Drape webs along the entrance so newcomers have to force their way through to make it to the party, shuddering with every step.

Accessorize your costume

When dressing as Spider Man, a giant spider, a dark and menacing witch or other related costume, your fake web detailing can go a long way. You can practice your web slinging or show off your hunting skills with this lifelike and easy-to-use webbing.

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  • Creepy Spider Web (400 Square Feet)

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