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Pilgrim Boy Costume For Kids

Pilgrim Boy Costume For Kids


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Pilgrims ahoy, bring on the Tofurkey

Remember how much fun Thanksgiving could be when you were a kid? The combination of rich foods, pioneer history and football were just intoxicating. Let your own kids get to know the holiday for themselves, with the Pilgrim Boy Costume For Kids! Dress up the family in period costumes while you tell the tales of the first settlers in the New World and describe their celebratory festival of survival and achievement.

  • Includes: The Pilgrim Boy Costume For Kids includes a black top with white cuffs, a white collar, black knickers, shoe buckles and a hat.
  • Does not include: Tights or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester

Go back to ye olden days before the football game

There's nothing like a little dress-up to truly get you into the spirit of the early pilgrims. Decked out in a stately hat and the most debonair fashions of the time, your kids will have a blast reading Thanksgiving stories, making paper turkeys and helping to make authentic Thanksgiving grub. Why not have the little ones write, produce and act out their own holiday play for some fun pre-dinner entertainment? If your child has already been called in to act in the school play, your family will be proud to watch him strut his stuff on stage in just the right outfit.

Space pilgrims? Why not

Your kids know that a great historical costume is just the first piece of the game. Once their pilgrim outfits make their way into the everyday toys and dress-up costumes, you're going to see some truly amazing pretend play in action! Just wait until the first space pilgrims come down from their UFO and demand sweet potato casserole.

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