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Vampire Bite Costume Kit

Vampire Bite Costume Kit


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Dress to kill for an interview with a vampire.

The perfect finishing touch for your elegant Lady Elvira costume has to be this Vampire Bite Costume Kit. Marvelously creepy and gruesomely bloody, the kit features a convincing fang bite prosthetic, liquid latex, fake blood and an applicator. You will impress as the fabled Bride of Dracula herself, wearing the evidence of your recent conversion to vampirehood proudly on your exposed pale neck. Bloodthirsty vampires around the world will wish to meet you and -- well, perhaps you'd do best to stay well away from the likes of them.

  • Includes: Realistic fang bite prosthetic, liquid latex, fake blood and applicator.
  • Does not include: Face paint.
  • Materials: Latex, Gel.
  • Latex Warning: Avoid contact with eyes when using liquid latex. Avoid using liquid latex on hair; it can become entangled in fine facial hair. Avoid contact with clothing and carpeted areas.

I vant to drink your...fruit punch?

Whether it's Halloween or a birthday party, any dress-up occasion is excuse enough to get your vampire on and be your most ghoulish self for a night. With this simple kit, you can create the perfect vampire look, creepy enough to do the best makeup artist proud in mere minutes. Simply apply the prosthetic and add fake blood for that truly gruesome look, and your gruesome wound will be ready to go! Pair it with our Lady Elvira Adult Costume for a perfectly creepy, yet oddly beautiful ensemble and turn heads all night. Just remember to stay out of the sunlight and avoid mirrors at all costs.

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