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Adult Scary Teddy Bear Costume

Adult Scary Teddy Bear Costume


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This is the look that gets the looks!

So, there is a group of kids sauntering up to your door, ready to ring the bell and utter the time honored phrase that gets them candy. "Trick-or-treat" comes the call as you open the door, and they see you in this Adult Scary Teddy Bear Costume. After the initial shock wears off, they head down the street with their sweet tooth satiated and their faces smiling at the creative costume you are sporting. Popping into the room at your Halloween party is another great way to get a fun reaction out of a crowd.

  • Includes: A torn plaid shirt with fur underlining, fur gloves and one creepy looking bear mask.
  • Does not include: Axe, pants or shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Teddy - what happened to you?

What terrible tragedy befell your childhood buddy to transform it into such a raging beast? Your imagination is the source for the back story and your creativity the determining factor in its expression. Do you want to play your Teddy as a tortured soul, longing to return to his peaceful days as a bedtime pal? Or is your tale going to be told as a Teddy feeling free from his young master, raging against the past and an existence confined to cuddling?

A were-teddy?

The origins of your psycho bear might have something to do with the supernatural as well. Perhaps yours is a lovable little bear most of the time, but when exposed to the rays of a full moon - well, you know the story; embellish it as you wish!

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