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Wicked Wings For Adults (3ft)

Wicked Wings For Adults (3ft)


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Sinister and darkly magical wings

Adding an accessory to a costume can boost it into the realm of fantasy--but wings that actually flex and spread go way beyond cool! Our Wicked Wings for Adults are controlled by strings and thumb rings on each side of your body. Pull, and the wings expand from a folded position and spread up to three feet wide. Whether you are dressed as a supernatural creature of the night, a mutant like one of the X-men or even a bat, unfurling your wings and then settling them back into position is sure to attract attention. Try it in a dark corner for maximum effect, where the controlling strings can't be seen. People will jump--after all, when was the last time you saw anyone's wings flair out and fold back down?

  • Includes: One pair of wings for adults. Wings expand to 3 feet when chain is pulled.
  • Does not include: Hoodie.
  • Material: 100% Nylon woven fabric with plastic frame.

Time to spread your wings

Let you shadow self out to play! Both men and women can wear these lightweight Wicked Wings on their back. Do you want to be a demon, a vampire, a devil or a dark and malevolent fairy? Perhaps you could even try being a winged superhero like Batman or Batgirl. These wings can enhance any cosplay outfit or Halloween costume, adding a dimension that startles an audience. Invent your own character if you like--and become a creature of mystery and secrets.

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  • Wicked Wings For Adults (3ft)

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