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Shepherd Staff

Shepherd Staff


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Staff solution

Real shepherds use a curved staff so they can help rescue fallen sheep, aid small animals, and keep predators away. Whether you play the Biblical role of Moses parting the Red Sea, reprise the role of Little Bo Peep from your childhood nursery rhymes, or act as one of many unnamed shepherds in a school play, you need a trustworthy Shepherd Staff. This cost-effective prop provides authenticity for the classic role of shepherd. Made from lightweight brown plastic, it's a sensible alternative to a heavier real wood staff. It's the perfect accent piece for your starring role on stage. You can buy this classic Shepherd Staff for use school plays, vacation Bible school, costume parties, or at-home play. Let your imagination rule as you envision life in simpler, more bucolic times.

  • Includes: Staff.
  • This Shepherd Staff measures over 5' tall.
  • Material: 100% PVC

Herd your flock this way

While acting as a good shepherd, you want to convey feelings of confidence, sincerity, and determination to both your flock and to your audience. When parting the Red Sea, you want to exude power. Complete your rural shepherd look with this crook staff. At more than two feet long, this Shepherd Staff is the perfect height without being too unwieldy, so you can enjoy your time-honored role as a shepherd. Ultimately, you don't want to lose a single sheep from your flock, unless you are Little Bo Peep. She always lost her sheep, even with right staff. You can try to keep your flock safe and sound without too much effort. Even Little Bo Peep would be impressed. Recommended for Ages 16+.

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