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Deluxe Scarecrow Gloves For Adults

Deluxe Scarecrow Gloves For Adults


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The scariest villain on the Gotham block

If you've always been one to enjoy a good scare, and playing a super villain like Gotham's Scarecrow appeals to you, then we here at Costume Express have you covered. Once you choose your perfectly terrifying Scarecrow costume, you will love these Deluxe Scarecrow Gloves For Adults as the perfectly harrowing finishing touch. Evil and creepy, these gloves will take your costume and put its fright factor on steroids!

  • Includes: The Deluxe Scarecrow Gloves For Adults includes one pair of adult sized gloves.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash.
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product.

What are ya, Batman, chicken?

You have to be pretty tough to scare Batman, but Scarecrow managed even that, thanks to his nerve gas. Even the Bat has deeply routed fears to exploit, and Scarecrow is oh-so good at exploitation! You will relish the chance to practice your evil cackle and maniacal laughter, and thoroughly enjoy being the evil villain for a night. These gloves are the perfect accessory for those late-night, rooftop battles with the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight who, annoyingly, just refuses to die and let you rule the world as you see fit. A simple touch from your needle-tipped right glove and the Bat will know what fear is; he will face his darkest thoughts and his mind will be destroyed while you stand by and laugh, then walk away and conquer the world unopposed. Oh yes, Scarecrow is fearsome. You as Scarecrow? Now THAT will be epic!

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