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Jurassic World: T-Rex 3/4 Mask For Kids

Jurassic World: T-Rex 3/4 Mask For Kids


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Every kid wants to be a dinosaur

Help him live out his dream of becoming a dinosaur with this Jurassic World: T-Rex ¾ Mask for Kids. From the tan coloring to the life-like yellow eyes and fierce looking teeth, this T-Rex mask will delight any dinosaur fan. Your child won’t just want to wear this mask for Halloween, they will want to wear it to the grocery store, school, the mall, and more!

  • Includes: Mask
  • Doesn't Include: Costume
  • One size
  • This is an officially licensed Jurassic World product

Learning about the T-Rex

Did you know that the name Tyrannosaurus Rex actually means “tyrant lizard”? Also, the T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in just one bite! When your child is wearing this T-Rex mask, take the opportunity to teach them about the prehistoric dinosaurs, informing them of fun facts and trivia all while encouraging dress-up and imaginative play. After the lesson is over, don’t let the dinosaur fun become extinct! Watch your child roam around the yard dressed up as the T-Rex from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, play dinosaur hide-and-seek, or settle in and watch an exciting dinosaur movie together.

Dinosaur party

What little kid wouldn’t be thrilled to have a dinosaur birthday party? Throw a prehistoric bash and make all of the guests feel like they are back in the Jurassic Period. Once all the carnivores and herbivores have taken bites out of the cake, pass out some Jurassic World: T-Rex masks for everyone and enjoy the squeals, or roars, of delight, as everyone’s imaginations carry them off to the lands of long ago.

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