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Deluxe Wolverine Costume For Adults

Deluxe Wolverine Costume For Adults


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I'm the best at what I do... but what I do isn't very nice.

We tend to disagree with Wolverine's assessment of himself, and when you wear the Deluxe Wolverine Costume for Adults, we think you will see why. Wolverine might be an anti-hero, but more often than not, he uses his powers to protect others. Transforming into one of the most popular X-Men will give you plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in exciting games of imagination and adventure. The one-piece jumpsuit lets you live out the experience of a perfectly defined abdomen, and the sleek helmet adds an element of mystery. Our Wolverine costume is great all on its own, or it can add some flair to a coordinated family event featuring the X-Men or the Avengers.

  • Includes: Padded muscle chest jumpsuit and mask.
  • Does not include: Wolverine claws or shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product.

Healing powers.

In addition to Wolverine's signature retractable claws, he has the power of supernatural self-healing. Wounds quickly close and his tissues regenerate rapidly, making him virtually indestructible. Wolverine also possesses rare defenses against the telepathic powers of other heroes, and he has all the enhanced senses of his namesake creature. Wolverine can hear sounds usually hidden from humans, and he can see in nearly pitch-black conditions. Add these special protections to his adamantium-reinforced skeletal system, and the possibilities for action-oriented scenarios are practically unlimited. Remember, Wolverine ages at a very slow rate, so he can share first-hand knowledge from centuries of historic events.

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