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Hulk Fist Wall Breaker

Hulk Fist Wall Breaker


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Hulk smash!

The Incredible Hulk's fury knows no bounds -- bad guys and good guys alike all shake in their boots when Hulk comes smashing through the wall! And with this Hulk Fist Wall Breaker, everyone will think the green guy himself is making his way in to the party -- quite literally!

  • Includes: The Hulk Fist Wall Breaker includes one large 3D wall decoration.
  • Materials: Plastic.
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean.
  • This an officially licensed Marvel product.

He's big and green, and he's on his way!

Whether he's rampaging through the city on his own or teaming up with the rest of the Avengers to fight the forces of evil, Bruce Banner's angry alter ego is one of the most iconic Marvel superheroes out there. With giant green fists that pack a powerful punch, nothing can keep the Hulk from going where he wants to go -- even if that means busting straight through the wall.

Everyone's favorite green monster is crashing your party!

This Hulk Fist Wall Breaker brings the Incredible Hulk to life right in your home. With its lifelike attention to detail, you'll have guests giving your decor a startled second glance when they walk into the room. Hang this big green fist from the wall and they'll be convinced that the Incredible Hulk himself is busting through the wall to make an appearance in the flesh. Whether you want to round out your impressive Hulk collection, or just seeking the perfect addition to your Avengers-themed party decor, this large 3D Hulk Fist is a smashing way to bring the Hulk to life.

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