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Rusty Attic Light Shortcut Circuit

Rusty Attic Light Shortcut Circuit


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Create an eerie atmosphere

If your goal is to set a chilling stage for your guests, the Rusty Attic Light Shortcut Circuit is a must have decoration. It brings to mind all the elements of Halloween horror: a dim and flickering bulb concealing something sinister in the corners, a creaking floorboard in the not too far distance, and a wind howling through dilapidated rafters. Under its light, you get the distinct feeling that you are being watched -- exactly the right tone for this one night.

  • Includes: The Rusty Attic Short Circuit Light includes one realistic vintage bulb design light that flickers off and on and plugs in.
  • Material: 70% plastic, 30% electronics.
  • Approximate measurement: 10" H x 4" W.

Decorations with a haunting effect

There's something inherently frightening about being in an unfamiliar place and having the lights flicker on and off. That's what makes this short circuit light so perfect: It recreates that feeling in whatever room of the house it's in. Whether you are creating an actual haunted attic with tricks, popping figures and characters that go bump in the night, or just want to add a spooky ambiance to your party room, this decoration does it. Pop on some ghostly sounds and turn on the fogger, and your everyday, lighthearted atmosphere transforms into one of spine-tingling suspense.

A room with a sinister appeal

Plug in this light, turn off your overheads and get ready to see the appreciation on the faces of your guests as they enter the room -- but don't be surprised if they look over their shoulders now and then. It's just that kind of night. They know you have gone the extra mile to create something unique and just a little sinister for their enjoyment, and you will love how quickly adding this one item elevates your entire display. In fact, you may just want to keep it around for when it's your turn to host B-movie night, when the book club starts reading ghost stories or any time an ominous atmosphere is required.

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