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Red in the Hood Costume For Kids

Red in the Hood Costume For Kids


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Red in the hood

The Red in the Hood Costume For Kids is a fun take on this old tale of adventure, danger, betrayal and triumph. Outwitting the wily wolf is the fun part, and your child will be sure to look great doing it. There are hundreds of retellings of this old story in popular culture, and this costume will help her capture the spirit of that maiden wayfarer. Great for Halloween fun, cosplay action, or imaginative storytelling any night of the year.

  • Includes: The Red in the Hood Costume For Kids includes a red tank featuring a wolf, a red hooded cape with a silver chain to close, and a red skirt with lace and a studded belt.
  • Does not include: Gloves, basket, leggings or shoes.
  • Material: Polyester

Dress it up

Creating her own Red Riding Hood character will help her unlock and express her own personality and ideas. Add in some funky leggings, makeup, and a cool basket from the kitchen or local thrift store. She could even use glitter, paint and other found objects to make a personalized basket for her character. What kind of items will your Red Riding Hood carry with her in her trek across the woods?

Character play

Inhabiting the characters of folklore and story helps us understand our own journeys. Today's modern Red Riding Hood is better empowered than she was decades ago to face the dangers of the road and to outwit that old trickster. Let her tell her own story, or enact it at fantasy conferences, science fiction events, and other cosplay opportunities.

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