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Pretty Lil' Penguin Costume For Girls

Pretty Lil' Penguin Costume For Girls


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This little penguin is the cutest in all of Antarctica!

Your kid has always had a fascination with penguins. She loves the way they walk, how they can swim but not fly, and their social nature. If that's the case, then the Pretty Lil' Penguin Costume is a great choice for her this Halloween. Not only will she be ready to go mingle with the other kids at the costume party, she'll also be looking incredibly stylish in her penguin tuxedo. And thanks to the camouflaging nature of the penguin tuxedo, she'll be safe from leopard seal attacks.

  • Includes: A hooded dress with an attached mini hat, gauntlets and boot covers.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Look and act like a penguin

When your child wears this penguin costume, she can act like a penguin anytime she wants. Be prepared to take her swimming, where she'll be able to reach speeds of 22 miles per hour underwater. Also, stock up on shrimp and squid, because that's what she's going to want to eat. And since penguins like to live in colonies, she's probably going to call up her friends and have them dress up in penguin costumes as well. So get ready to host a penguin party.

Be a penguin forever!

The penguin costume fits comfortably and has a very cozy hood. Your child is going to like being a penguin so much that she may wear it on days beside Halloween. That's all right, because there are too many humans out on the streets anyway. Seeing a penguin hanging out in town will make the day more interesting for a lot of folks.

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