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Brown Foam Dress Up Pony on a Stick

Brown Foam Dress Up Pony on a Stick


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It's time to hit the trail to fun and excitement! The cowboy legend is an intrinsic part of the American mystique; the Old West is an extension of our identity. Your little boy or girl can take to the trail when riding this adorable Brown Foam Dress Up Pony on a Stick and bring in the herd or ride the lone prairie. Once you turn their imagination loose, they will play happily for hours with this cute pony. It's great as part of a Halloween outfit for trick-or-treating or whenever there's some fun, dress-up playtime. Includes: One foam pony on a stick with a strap to use as a reign for pretend riding. Dimensions: Approximately 21-inches long. Material: Polystyrene. Time for an Old West extravaganza! Your little girl can imagine she's Annie Oakley, showing the boys how to do things right in the Wild West. Let the boys imagine they are famous mountain man, riding through hip-deep snow in the high Montana Mountains. Perhaps they can play the role of a famous outlaw like Billy the Kid, trying to outrun the posse that is hot on their trail. There's a new law in town. Their creative minds might take them to an imaginary frontier town where they are the sheriff, ready to stand tall in the face of anyone who would break the law in their little village. They can round up the bad guys and put them in the local jail until it's time to see the judge. There are no limits to the different games your child can come up with when their creativity can flow without inhibitions.

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