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Felt Pink Dress Up Star Wand

Felt Pink Dress Up Star Wand


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Imagine the possibilities

It's easy to see how this fun, little costume accessory can spice up playtime for aspiring wizards, witches, fairy godmothers and other assorted spell casters around your house. Once they get a chance to wave this Felt Pink Dress Up Star Wand and murmur the famous incantation "abracadabra," who knows what sort of magic will happen? Once your child gets going, this wand will mean hours and hours of fun that go well beyond Halloween and trick-or-treating to include excitement throughout the year.

  • Includes: One wand with a felt, pink star with blue and purple ribbon cascading down.
  • Material: 100 percent chemical polyester fiber.

"Once upon a time"

This standard starting line for any great story involving magic is the jumping-off point for your child when it's time to work their wand wizardry. The setting can be anywhere or anytime, and the supporting cast can include anyone. Friends and family alike can become part of the story line once your kid gets going. There are no limits to what he or she will come up with.

Follow the ...

This sentence is another imagination spark that your child can answer with any response from "yellow brick road" to simply "leader." This wand is perfect to complete a great costume for Halloween fun or virtually any other fun dress-up event. It's time to let them start down the road of discovery and see just where their fanciful minds can take them. Some of the possible characters they can play are a warlock, a fairy godmother, a crafty sorceress or a fun-loving pixie with a penchant for fun. It's party time!

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