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Animated Black Cat

Animated Black Cat


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Freak out all the trick-or-treaters!

What's the goal of Halloween? It's to scare people, right? That means you have a responsibility to decorate your place so that it truly terrifies and makes people run away squealing. This Animated Black Cat decoration is certain to help you fulfill your goal of having the scariest home on the block. As kids knock at your door looking for candy, this decoration comes to life in a fierce way. The eyes will light up and pierce into their soul. The head will move back and forth, signaling to the trick-or-treaters that this cat thinks they're quite tasty. Then vicious cat and storm sounds will be made, and that will make them say, "forget this creepy place!" In fact, you may even be so frightened yourself that you'll hallucinate the cat coming to life. Hopefully, he'll take out his vengeance on the mice in the basement, and not you!

  • Includes: One sound activated cat that moves head back and forth, eyes light up, and has cat and stormy sounds, and also three "AA" batteries. Do not Display in Wet or Adverse Conditions. For Decoration purposes only.

This accessory features artificial fur on top of its Styrofoam and plastic construction. If anyone tries to pet your devilish black cat, they won't be able to figure out if it's real or not.

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