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Gargoyle Fountain

Gargoyle Fountain


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Start setting a menacing tone for the long, sinister night.

This year, you want your haunted yard to become the envy of all your neighbors, and it all begins with building the right Gothic ambiance. You need something uniquely creepy that will rise above the night mist and add a general sense of foreboding. You need the Gargoyle Fountain yard accessory. Water flows from the menacing skull's open jaw, which you swear is really watching your every movement, while three gargoyles perch around the rim to keep watch. Clearly, the gargoyles are there to protect you while scaring off unwanted attention from the other local ghosts, goblins, witches and demons. This terrifying lawn decoration is definitely not for the faint-of-heart. Those brave enough to pass by this font of doom and come to your door will truly earn their Halloween treat -- although you may want to keep some tricks in your back pocket just for fun to use at other times of the year as well!

  • Includes: A fountain with three gargoyles surrounding a skull.

This deadly looking birdbath pairs frighteningly well with items like a crooked graveyard fence, boneyard tombstones and other cemetery-kit pieces. Using piped music and adding food coloring or special lighting to the water will also make people think twice before approaching what may become known as the gargoyle's cascade of destruction. The black fountain with faux patina measures 38 inches high by 20 inches wide.

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