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Acme Dynamite Pet Accessory

Acme Dynamite Pet Accessory


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It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's a potentially explosive dog! Run away quick, because he's gonna blow up the joint! Your pooch will certainly put the spark into the party when he's wearing his Acme Dynamite Pet Accessory. The reason why he's decided to sport such a dangerous look is, of course, up to you. Perhaps he's an evil mastermind, just waiting to jump into his enemy's unsuspecting lap for a cuddle. Then, ka-BOOM! His mission of world domination will finally be accomplished. Maybe you'll dress as a mad scientist, complete with lab coat and fizzing test tubes. You can use this pet costume to complete your unstable and possibly dangerous look, casting Fido as the world's cutest and most heavily armed sidekick. Be creative. The world is your oyster with this hilarious pet accessory!

  • Includes: One Acme Dynamite Pet Accessory with plush rocket and straps.

The straps on this pet accessory are adjustable in order to give your pet a snug and secure fit while he's off terrifying and entertaining your guests. Be warned: this costume will take your pet's cuteness to unstable levels, and you may want to warn friends to keep well away from his blast radius.

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