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Maleficent - Princess Aurora Coronation Headpiece

Maleficent - Princess Aurora Coronation Headpiece


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"I know you, I walked with you once upon a time..."

As beautiful Princess Aurora, you'll eventually find your prince "once upon a dream" but not before you have a little bad luck from the villainess and evil fairy, Maleficent. Aren't evil fairies such a drag? She's determined to curse you with a spell that will put you in a deep sleep on your 16th birthday, when you're going to prick your finger on a spindle. Big ouch there. But your darling father, King Stefan is one step ahead. He destroys all the spinning wheels in the kingdom to prevent anything bad happening to you. Aren't you the adored little princess? Eventually Maleficent has a change of heart and awakens you with a "true love's kiss." And you thought it was going to be Prince Charming, didn't you? All's well that ends well and you become queen of the humans and the fairies. If you're feeling that Princess Aurora vibe for Halloween, then you'll want this Maleficent - Princess Aurora Coronation Headpiece to complete your look. This is a great headpiece to use in dress-up play and for theater productions too. Wherever you need a little happily ever after.

  • Includes: The Maleficent - Princess Aurora Coronation Headpiece includes gold leaf headpiece.
  • Does Not Include: Costume.
  • This is an officially licensed Disney product.

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