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Brutus The Bull Adult Mascot Costume

Brutus The Bull Adult Mascot Costume


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You can't keep this bull penned!

It's not whether the team wins or loses, it's how you cheer for the game. Get the team and crowd pumped up for the big game by charging onto the field. Bring the beef with the Brutus the Bull Adult Mascot Costume and drive the crowd wild with bull-headed spirit and persistent pep. Brutus may look cute and "adore-a-bull" but he's fiercely competitive, especially if he sees red. Other team mascots will kowtow to avoid butting heads with this raging bull. Feeling "charit-a-bull?" Show a gentler side to this beefy beast and become an anthropomorphic ambassador for a charity event or local organization. From half-time to Halloween and community events in between, this guy is "unstoppa-bull"! Brutus the Bull is one mascot costume you won't want to put out to pasture.

  • Includes: Head, jumpsuit with attached foot covers.

Grab life by the horns! Get off the sidelines and charge into the game as Brutus the Bull. Challenge cowboys and clowns at rodeo-themed events, state fairs and parades (attend with a "herd" of friends for ten times the fun!). Or buck tradition and pair this mascot with a matador for a quirky couples costume -- Ole!

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