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Horse Boy Adult Horse Head Mask

Horse Boy Adult Horse Head Mask


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Welcome to the uncanny valley!

The Horse Boy adult horse head mask is pretty simple. There are no teeth, no blood, no fangs and no glow-in-the-dark eyes. There isn't even any gore, but that doesn't stop this mask from being one of the scariest costumes around. If you're interested in terrifying your friends with an equestrian nightmare or just a simple costume for your next party, look no further. The Horse Boy mask is as basic as it sounds -- a mask of a horse's head -- but its creepy realism will create tons of fun and excitement at any costume or Halloween party. Don't be surprised when everyone at the party wants to take a picture with the horse head or asks to try it on. You'll be sure to get your fair share of attention, and maybe a few phone numbers. We suggest avoiding cowboys, who might get the wrong idea, and actual horses who might view you as a new rival for territory. For extra creepiness, try to remain completely silent while wearing the mask!

  • Includes: The Horse Boy Adult Horse Head Mask includes a latex over head mask with a plush mane.
  • Does Not Include: Shirt.

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