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Huntress Adult Plus Size Dress Costume

Huntress Adult Plus Size Dress Costume


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The Huntress is rising!

From the Justice League's crime-fighting Huntress to the Hunger Games' fearless Katniss Everdeen, the Huntress is rising. But the powerful archetype represented by the Huntress Adult Plus Size Dress Costume isn't new. The theme of a fierce nymph of the fields and woods stretches back to Diana and other powerful goddesses who were too swift and powerful to yield to any man or god. These figures little resemble the idea of femininity often sold to young women today, but instead embrace female strength and power. Tying together many feminine elements, including fertility, childbirth and virginity, the Huntress in all her aspects is a proud, noble goddess who draws her power from the moon and is able to communicate with wild animals and the elements. Popularly construed as savage and ruthless, the Huntress is unapologetically ambitious. Various villains and heroines derive from this primal archetype, which celebrates woman's raw power and embraces the hunt. This huntress costume will put you on your own hunt, whether you seek satisfaction in earthly realms or on higher planes. Feel the wind blow your hair as you draw back the bowstring and focus your sights on the prize. The Huntress shows no mercy!

  • Includes: Hooded cape, tunic dress with attached strap, gauntlets, and belt.
  • Does not include leggings, bow and arrow, or boots. Recommended for Children over 14 years of Age.

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