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Disney Cinderella Kids Wig

Disney Cinderella Kids Wig


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Be kind and courageous like everyone's favorite princess!

Every little girl has wished and hoped for a Fairy Godmother to rush through their bedroom window, wave her magic wand and make every problem disappear. Bibbity-bobbity-boo, and suddenly life is perfect for poor Cinderella! No more chores or homework or worrying whether Prince Charming will notice her at the ball; her gown is beautiful, her shoes are to die for, her makeup is stunning and her hair...well her hair is just perfect! Does your little girl want to be transformed into a beautiful, charming Cinderella who's fit for a royal party? Give her the Disney Cinderella Kids Wig and she'll have the same gorgeous updo that Cinderella wore when she danced the night away on the arm of Prince Charming! The wig is a stunning shade of yellow-blonde, swept up and back and knotted regally at the back. A sparkling blue headband completes the look and brings out the twinkle in your little girl's eyes.

  • Includes: Wig.
  • Does Not include: Costume.

The wig goes perfectly with the Cinderella Storybook Prestige Toddler/Child Costume and the Disney Cinderella Kids Sparkle Shoes. Make this a night to remember - but don't stay out too late or you know what happens!

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