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Alien Toddler / Child Costume

Alien Toddler / Child Costume


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Terrifying and adorable, it's the child from beyond the stars!

Out past Pluto and most of the way to the Andromeda Galaxy, life survives in a form that's strange, horrifying, and undeniably cute. The Alien Toddler / Child Costume is a fantastical vision of life on another world, complete with bright green fur, three wide eyes, strange pointy ears, and an antenna. Your child will have an out-of-this-world time in this extraterrestrial costume, whether for a science fiction party, Halloween, or simply landing on a foreign world and demanding, "Take me to your leader!" Will these aliens be friendly, or are they intent on invading and stealing all our cake and candy? Only your little one can decide!

  • Includes: The Alien Toddler / Child Costume includes hood, body.
  • Does not include: Shirt, leggings, or shoes.

Your child won't just look great in this alien costume; he or she will also be incredibly comfortable. The hood and body are made in super-soft fun fur and other polyesters. The costume's design has a loose cut, perfect for running around in. This means nothing will get in the way of your children having fun and acting like the little three-eyed creature they really are.

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