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The Flintstones Family Costumes

The Flintstones Family Costumes

Do you have a modern stone-age family? Dress to impress all of your prehistoric pals this Halloween! Here are the Yabba Dabba Dos and Don’ts of Bedrock fashion. DO use animal-hide to create sensible tunics for men. Fred and Barney are tattered to perfection in their signature styles. DON’T mistake Dino’s bone-dinner for your ponytail holder, earrings or belt embellishments. DO wear pink if you’re as pretty as Pebbles. DON’T complicate your look. Wilma’s simple, white one-shoulder dress, as well as Betty’s blue halter dress, are winning wardrobe essentials that prove “classic” is always cool. DO dress as The Flintstones and take a page right out of history.