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Hanging Dropping Black Spider

Hanging Dropping Black Spider


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A Spider loves to drop onto guests who pop in

If you want to do more than just add a few well carved Jack-o'-Lanterns to your decorations, this hanging dropping black spider should do just the trick. Place it near a wall or couch that is sure to have a guest nearby as this is a great strategy for a spine chilling moment. The legs of this spider even crawl when it retracts itself back up the attached 2" cord to really get the goosebumps going.

  • Includes: One spider that drops and hangs on attached 2" cord.

  • Does not include batteries

  • Requires 2 AA batteries.

  • Material: Nylon, plastic-HDPE and iron.

  • Size : 10" high x 10" wide.

"Come into my parlor" said the spider.

Spiders are an essential fear to tap into during any spooky event. No one wants to find 8 legs crawling anywhere near them, so hide these spiders all around to give your guests a little fright. A spider that hangs and drops is great for any party that needs a skin crawling effect added to it. It would be perfect for a Corpse bride party or even a Sweeney Todd theme! If you want to have a teen scarefest or a creepy carnival theme it would be great to add a few spiders to ensure a good time. The good ol' haunted house would benefit from a few spiders dropping and hanging as well as an abandoned asylum. There are endless applications for this arachnid delight.

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