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Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones


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No skeletons in your closet? We can help you fix that.

A bag of bones would do just the trick for any Halloween decorations. From Gothic nights to graveyards and even a zombie apocalypse, a night that celebrates All Hallow's Eve is sure to benefit from a bag of bones. Perhaps a haunted high school should have a few skeletons in the lockers to add to the terror of the night.

  • Includes: One mesh bag containing assorted bones.

  • Does not include lantern

  • Material: Plastic-PP 100%.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Size: the mesh bag measures 21" high.

There's a skull in my soup and a spine in my spaghetti!

This would be great for almost any theme, even the more literary themes like Edgar Allan Poe, a "Tell Tale Heart" could have a hunt for the old man's bones as an activity, with clues to where the bag of bones is hidden. You could even hide the different bones in different places to spook your guests when they least expect it. A pirate theme needs at least a skull and crossbones, but a few more parts of a skeleton would definitely add to the right ambiance. Perhaps you want to have a Mummy's curse, and all the bones need to be found and put back into a sarcophagus before dessert can be served! There's no limit to the creativity inspired by a bag of bones and plenty of fun can be had with a bag of bones rattling around at whichever fright-night you choose!

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