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Green Glitter LED Patrol Light Wand

Green Glitter LED Patrol Light Wand


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Light up your costume with this glowing accessory!

Be it for a wizard, a fairy godmother or a mythical costume creation you or your child has come up with all on their own, this Green Glitter LED Patrol Light Wand is an accessory that can really light up the whole look. While it's a short plastic wand, the LED glows bright enough to draw people's attention to the costume, making it really stand out from the rest. Plus, glowing wands are just fun and cool with wave around in the spooky darkness on a day like Halloween. If you're costuming with a group, consider purchasing multiple numbers of these wands, and you'll shine together all night long (plus, it makes it easy to find your friends while running around the neighborhood or attending a party!).

  • Includes: A Green Glitter LED Patrol Light Wand, and batteries.

For a memorable, glowing accessory at your next Halloween, costume or nighttime birthday party, add this light wand to your fantastical costume - it even has a black handle so you can brandish it without covering the light. Perfect for illuminating the way as a wise old wizard, casting spells as a mysterious witch, and much more!

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