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Fox Accessory Kit

Fox Accessory Kit


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Now you can decide what the fox says!

You'll be looking foxy in this Fox Accessory Kit. Perk up your cute little ears and swish your bushy tail back and forth like nobody's business. You don't even need an occasion to get dressed up like a fox. After all, a fox isn't a pack animal. With your cleverness, you can find a myriad of uses for these fuzzy fox features.

  • Includes: Ears and tail.
  • Does Not Include: Shirt.
  • Recommended for ages 14+.

Just what you needed to impersonate your favorite anime character or set your inner spirit animal loose. These accessories fit both kids and adults, so they're perfect for casual dress up as well as a formal costume party. You don't even need a complete fox ensemble. You can dress up in a suit or a fancy dress and use the fox ears and tail for a creative twist. Some of the famous foxes you might portray include Swiper from Dora the Explorer and the Fantastic Mr. Fox, along with Disney foxes from movies such as Robin Hood, Pinocchio, Song of the South, and The Fox and The Hound. There are also video game foxes like Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog and Fox McCloud.

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