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Pregnant Belly Adult

Pregnant Belly Adult


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How far along are you?!?

Sure, you could get pregnant a few months beforehand to show off your pregnancy body at the Halloween party, but that will undoubtedly be far more expensive than using this Pregnant Belly Adult. You can let your mind run wild with potential costumes! Heck, this isn't just a one night of the year accessory; just imagine all the heads you'll turn by posting a picture to Facebook of you wearing this faux belly on April Fool's Day!

  • Includes: This product includes one faux belly.

Convince all of your friends and family members that you're expecting, or if you don't want to give anyone a heart attack, you could go a little darker and dress up as famous pregnant characters from movies and TV, like Luda from Dawn of the Dead or Lori from The Walking Dead. Even guys don't have to be left out of this fun! Take it back a bit, work on your thick broken English accent, and go as Arnold Schwarzenegger from the cult film Junior! Everyone else will likely be wearing Breaking Bad or other similarly unoriginal costumes at your next Halloween party, so step out of the box with this pregnancy belly and think big!

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