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Steampunk Goggles (Black)

Steampunk Goggles (Black)


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Go to the past with this futuristic Steampunk goggle set!

Looking to hop aboard your time machine to the Victorian era? Well, don't forget your goggles. Nothing is worse than getting time travel junk in your eyes, and this accessory is the perfect complement to any Victorian era garb. So strap on your favorite Jules Verne book, some spats and your goggles and set sail for an adventure. The world where the future and past seamlessly meet awaits your arrival. Or you could always just sport these goggles at a friend's spooky Halloween party or at your favorite convention, if you so choose. They are perfect for either occasion. In either case, just make sure to avoid any Morlocks.

  • Includes: Steam Punk Goggles Black.
  • Does Not Include: Spats, hats, pocket watch or time machines.

So, if you are looking to add that little something extra to your Steam Punk, Victorian Era ensemble, don't forget to add the goggles. You don't want to be the only one at the convention or party without them, or else you'll have to hop in your time machine to correct the situation, which could have consequences. But then again, you probably already knew that part, right?

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  • Steampunk Goggles (Black)

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