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Medusa Headpiece (Adult)

Medusa Headpiece (Adult)


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Turn your onlookers to stone in this mythological costume!

If Greek mythology and turning your enemies to stone is your thing, look no further than this awesome Medusa Headpiece (Adult)! It's the perfect costume for anyone interested in portraying the monster Medusa, a mythological monster with had the face of a woman and a head of hair made of living poisonous snakes! True, It's a terrifying tale, but it offers a great way to dress up in the vein of old Greek mythology while impressing your friends with your creative costume inspirations! Medusa was known for being able to turn onlookers into stone in order to incapacitate them and take over. Donning this Medusa Head, you'll be impressed by your ability to draw stares from the crowd and keep them fixated on you! Pairs this headpiece with a few pieces of ancient Greek garb, like an all-brown outfit decorated with vines and branches.

  • Includes: Headpiece.

Impress your friends with your Greek mythology when you wear this eerie Medusa Head costume! You'll be the most powerful woman in the room - well, part-woman, part-monster, that is! Medusa is also thought of as an evil-averting image so your friends will stick close by your side on Halloween to keep away the bad guys! Warning: This product contains Natural Rubber Latex.

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  • Medusa Headpiece (Adult)

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