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Zombie Blood Spray

Zombie Blood Spray


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A needed addition whenever brain and guts are on the menu!

The Zombie Blood Spray accessory is the piece you need to give your zombie costume the gruesome finishing touch it needs and deserves this Halloween. When this spray is applied, you'll look completely alive and ready for a feast, despite the fact that you are technically undead. So go and take a bite out of life -- literally. Regardless of whether you want to play a zombie from Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, or even present your own take on this gruesome character, a little extra blood is going to give your costume a look that's even more ghoulish. Even the vampires, witches and werewolves roaming the night will run in fear from you. Yeah, it's that scary! Life as a zombie comes with perks, most notably all the human flesh you can devour. So, gather up your gang of zombies and pregame by salivating and munching on appetizers. It's time for the walking dead to hit the streets.

  • Includes: A two ounce spray bottle of zombie blood spray.

This product features theatrical blood that looks and feels real. It spreads easily over large areas, so you'll quickly be able to give the appearance that you've been eating humans all night.

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