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Zombie Grey Makeup Tube

Zombie Grey Makeup Tube


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A different kind of brain power.

Zombies are always a party-pleaser, and you can get in on the brain-eating, flesh-tearing fun with the Zombie Grey Makeup Tube. Anyone who watches The Walking Dead knows that zombies aren't exactly known for their charming personalities...or their rosy-cheeked complexions. As it turns out, being dead will do that to you. Whether you're trick or treating as a Walking Dead extra or just want to creep our your friends and family members any day of the year, you can't go wrong with this foolproof, ghoulish makeup. Just apply and enjoy an authentic fresh-from-the-grave appearance guaranteed to make a menacing impression when you're strolling the streets this Halloween. How authentic is it? Let's put it this way: if you start to crave brains, don't blame us.

  • Includes: A 1oz. tube of grey cream makeup.
  • Ages 8+. Adult supervision recommended.

But grey makeup isn't just for zombies anymore! From grim reapers and ghouls to skulls to skeletons, your favorite monster looks are all about shades of grey. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild when creating your dastardly, deadly looks....but not too wild or you might not be able to sleep at night! Enjoy terrorizing the neighborhood and testing out your best creepy groans and howls!

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