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Voice Changer

Voice Changer


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Instantly talk like a monster, an alien, or just a scarier version of yourself!

You're perfected your frightening costume and desired scary look; now it's time to take it up a notch by transforming your voice to match. The Voice Changer is the perfect way to instantly change your voice to something that will startle even your closest friends. The Voice Changer offers three distinct voice effect options for you to choose from -- or vary them throughout the night. The Voice Changer is lightweight and powered by battery, so it's totally portable and easy to carry around at a party or while out on the town. Your voice options include High-Pitched Alien voice, Scary Monster voice, or Amplify Your Own voice; experiment in the mirror a bit so that you can find the voice that's perfect for your costume or disguise. The Voice Changer microphone clips conveniently on to the collar of whatever you are wearing and has a long wire that's connected to the unit, which clips to your pants waist or belt. Get ready to scare the daylight out of friends, fellow party goers, trick-or-treaters, or just about anyone who crosses your path.

  • Includes: Voice Changer device, microphone, wire, belt clip and self-locking strip.
  • Does Not Include: 3 AA batteries

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