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Spiderina Child Broom

Spiderina Child Broom


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This broom will entangle you in its web!

If there is one essential accessory to any sort of proper witch costume, it has to be the broom. With the right broom, both scary and cute witches are ready to go. The Spiderina Child Broom works with many costumes, including, of course, the Spiderina Child Costume. With its green and pink colors and classic black accents, feel free to coordinate your costume with any colorful ensemble you can find. The possibilities are nearly endless! Perfect for Halloween, costume and birthday parties, and everyday dress up!

  • Includes: One broom with a green handle, a black top with pink square accent, and a green bottom of fabric strips.

No matter which sort of witch costume you choose, this spookily fun broom will set you apart from the plethora of other witches walking the sidewalks on Halloween. Its unique color combination and details help you stand out and are a great conversation starter. By planning your costume around the broom, you may well spark your imagination and end up with your ideal, unique witch costume. So pick out your costume, grab your beautiful broom, and head out into the night, ready to get all the candy you can manage, and have a fantastic and unforgettable Halloween!

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