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Spiderina Bag

Spiderina Bag


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What's in the bag? A bunch of spiders!

Being Spiderina for Halloween means your little one enjoys spooking people but also cherishes looking cute. The Spiderina Bag accessory continues will ensure she looks creepy and sweet all the time, with its classic black and green trim accented by a bright pink square in the middle. But your child is also planning to use it as a spider web storage bag - that's right! When she carries this bag to complement her Spiderina Halloween costume, she'll have a different mission when trick-or-treating. She won't want candy, she'll want spider eggs. After she makes enough, she can call up her best friend, who is playing a wicked witch this year, and they can make a secret stew to serve at dinner on Halloween night. No, you don't have to worry about what the ingredients are. Just eat it. Soon, you'll be buying your little Spiderina everything she wants. Why? Well, that's the magic potion working on you. Don't you see? Your cute little Spiderina tricked you well.

  • Includes: A bag with a black handle, black and green striped trim, a black background, and a green band with a pink square in the center.

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