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Fake Cigar

Fake Cigar


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Look tough without even trying

Try out your very best mobster impression at your next costume party with this realistic-looking Fake Cigar accessory. Cigars aren't really seen much anymore in movies, but they still have a strong link to old-school mafia stereotypes and gangsters. While puffing away on a real cigar is out of the question in most places these days, you don't have to worry about that. This fake cigar looks realistic enough to complement any tough-guy outfit.

  • Includes: One cigar.
  • Does not include: Costume.
  • Material: Rubber.

A safe way to appear intimidating

With this fake cigar, you can act like a formidable mobster without putting your lungs at risk. Throw on a stylish 1920s-era suit, add a hat and complete the look with this rubber cigar. It even has a white, ashy tip to make it look like you've been puffing away at it for a while. You can use this cigar with your gangster getup when you go to any Halloween festivities, like parties and parades, or as part of your costume for a theme party.

Revisit a bygone era

You can imitate old movie stars from George Burns to Groucho Marx with this accessory. You can also use it for Roaring Twenties theme parties. Get a few friends to dress up like fellow mobsters, and you can all sit around pretending to puff while playing poker or discussing "business." It's easy to carry around all evening in a pocket, unless you want to chomp on it the whole time. Just give it a spot-clean before heading out, and you'll be all set!

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