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Shadow Ninjas Night Fury Katana Sword

Shadow Ninjas Night Fury Katana Sword


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Never travel alone without your sword!

Shadow Ninjas are mysterious, exacting and cool; it's no wonder children love to pretend to embody their amazing strength and skill. No ninja costume is complete without this Shadow Ninja Night Fury Katana Sword. Shadow Ninjas travel in the shadows and are highly trained to creep through dark spaces without being noticed. They have the ability to pounce on enemies from unexpected angles because they can move so stealthily through space. Your child will love dressing up as a secret samurai warrior and wielding this sword as a weapon - the sword is a token of honor for the samurai, after all! He can creep stealthily through the neighborhood with you while you're out trick-or-treating and defend himself from any threats! It's a great accessory for kids that are interested in karate or martial arts and have always dreamed of training in this secret art!

  • Includes: A silver pointed blade 27" long and a red and brown handle with hold edges, a red jewel, and silver curved accents.Recommended for Ages 4+.

Make your child the intimidating star of the next party by giving him this realistic Katana sword to complement his shadow Ninja costume! It's the perfect accessory for any child who wants to prove themselves as a serious, trained Japanese warrior!

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