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Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Pistol


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Ready, aim, fire!

With your trusty Flintlock Pistol at your side, you'll be ready for anything. Sticklers for historical accuracy can rejoice, as there's no worse way to ruin a perfectly good period costume than with the wrong type of weaponry. Say goodbye to anachronisms when you add the Flintlock Pistol prop to your costume. This sidearm is perfect for grizzled pirates sailing the Seven Seas or Southern gentlemen ready to duel to the death for the love of their favored Southern belle. Will you be a Revolutionary War foot soldier in Washington's army or a Frenchman fighting for liberty, equality and brotherhood? Perhaps you're a Civil War spy like Rose Greenhow. Hoop skirts won't keep you from protecting yourself from danger when the moment arrives! No matter what character you choose to become, the Flintlock Pistol is a realistic prop that adds panache to your outfit for Halloween, theatrical productions and historical reenactments. You may also find it useful at conventions and movie premieres where a period costume is called for. With this lightweight item, you won't get too bogged down to enjoy the evening, whether you're ransacking a plantation or storming an enemy ship. Let your imagination be your guide!

  • Includes: One pistol prop with historic details. Recommended for Ages 14 and Up.

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