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Mad Scientist Adult Wig

Mad Scientist Adult Wig


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It looks like you got quite a charge out of the evening!

Without it you could look like an ordinary dentist or doctor. But with the Mad Scientist Adult Wig, the world will know your power. Have you created your very own monster after channeling the electricity of a lightening bolt into your lab? Is a new freeze ray almost complete? Have you figured out how to bend time to your will? Has madness finally claimed you as its own? These are the things that people will wonder about you, as you arrive at the party adorned in these synthetic tresses. Sure, you could tell them what secrets you harbor and about the concoctions bubbling in the beakers in the kitchen, but half the fun is in letting them guess what you are up to. You will reveal all in good time.

  • Includes: A frizzy, white wig.
  • Does Not Include: Wig cap, goggles, rubber gloves or scientist costume.

This frizzy wig is the ideal, disheveled topper to your whole mad scientist look. Be sure to get that wig cap in place before putting it on to avoid having your natural locks pop through when you're amazing the crowd with your knowledge of the intricate moves of "The Monster Mash."

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