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Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath Adult

Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath Adult


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"I came. I saw. I conquered."

With this Roman Sword with Gold Lion Sheath adult, you will conquer anything! This Roman-inspired sword with its ornate lion head sheath invokes the days of Julius Caesar, gladiators, chariots, war and conquest. Imagine adding this sword accessory to your Roman-inspired costume and transforming into a protector of Julius Caesar himself, the mightiest emperor who ever lived. Gritty and hard-working, fit and alert, you'll be a man at the top of his game, ready for anything, always on guard for any threat against the man you swore to protect. Your sword is your constant companion, never leaving your side. Featuring a gold handle and etched silver blade, it fits snugly into the faux leather sheath with its elaborate lion head attachment, staying close at hand and ready for use at all times. The sword has a look that is regal and impressive, and adds status and bearing to your Roman outfit. You will feel protected with it cinched at your hip, ready to take on any would-be assassin of your beloved emperor; no one will dare cross you while you wear it. First blood would be yours; your honor demands it!

  • Includes: One sword 24" long & 7" wide.

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  • Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath Adult

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