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Cowboy Hat (Black) Adult

Cowboy Hat (Black) Adult


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Discover your inner outlaw

The Cowboy Hat (Black) Adult brings out your tough, independent and dark side. Enter the room in this hat, and watch how everyone will recognize you are one bad dude. Pull the brim down to show off the skull and crossbones; people will know better than to tangle with you.

  • Includes: One black cowboy hat.
  • Materials: Straw.
  • Care instructions: Spot clean.

Make your own laws

The tough hombre who wears this hat isn't afraid to break all the rules. You are a law unto yourself, and you don't care who knows it. Nobody pushes the outlaw in you around; you go after whatever you want, without regard for authority.

Explore your bad side

You can toss aside responsibility and consideration for others in this hat. The skull and crossbones shows everyone you are out for what you can get, so slouch around like you own the place. You can be selfish, and you don't want anyone to stand in your way. Then again, perhaps you do.

Mysteriously evil, but gallant

The brim of this hat turns up on one side and pulls down in front, so your face is in shadow. Pull the brim down a little more, and keep your expressions hidden. They'll just know you're bad. Every now and then, though, surprise them with a respectful tip of your hat, or sweep it off in a gallant gesture. You may be an outlaw, but you have good manners when you make the effort. Ladies might even smile coyly in return!

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  • Cowboy Hat (Black) Adult

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