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Disney - Jafar Hat Adult

Disney - Jafar Hat Adult


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The ruthless Disney villain with the parrot by his side!

Channel the wickedness of one of Disney's most ruthless villains by donning the Disney- Jafar Hat Adult. An advisor to the sultan in the palace of Agrabah, Jafar's ultimate goal was to take down the sultan that he worked for and have the power and the riches of the kingdom all to himself. Pretty nasty guy, if you ask us. If you want to dress like one of Disney's baddest bad guys, this Jafar hat is the perfect way to do it. Adorned with a jewel, feather, and red velvet accents, the hat will have you ready to grant evil wishes, turn into a snake, and ultimately get defeated by one of Disney's craftiest and most beloved heroes - Aladdin! But be warned: you're going to be dressed as the primary villain from many people's childhoods, so you might need some of that ruthless villainy to make it out of the party intact. Pair with a robe to look even more like Jafar, and have an Iago by your side ... then you'll really be ready to cause some trouble!

  • Includes: A black top with gold trim and a red jewel and attached red velvet fabric
  • This is an officially licensed Disney product.

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  • Disney - Jafar Hat Adult

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