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Gold  Velvet Angel Wings and Halo Accessory Kit (Adult)

Gold Velvet Angel Wings and Halo Accessory Kit (Adult)


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Well Halo There Beautiful!

Hello there, angel! Are your wings tired from flying through the heavens all day? If so, here is a perfect gold velvet angel wings and halo accessory kit adult to take some of the pressure off of your old ones. They shine bright when you walk in the room, and everyone will be amazed by the sparkle and glow of your wings. Let your inner glow take flight and steal the show with these wings.

  • Includes: gold velvet angel wings along with a golden halo.

  • This set is made of velvet, faux feathers, and plastic.

  • It is recommended that you wipe this costume clean after use.

Shine Bright

If you would really like to steal the show, go for wearing an all white gown. Find the purest, brightest white gown that you can in order to make the wing and halo's color jump out even more. If the weather allows, you could wear a nude colored pair of sandals to make you appear as if walking barefoot. Angels are very pure creatures, without flaws - and that's exactly how you'll feel with this costume. For an extra touch of angelic dust to add to this sublime getup, consider applying a thin layer of golden sparkles all over your skin to make it really glow. This angel costume does not only have to be used for Halloween, as it works great for Christmas nativity scenes as well - or anytime you want to get in touch with your beautiful angelic side.

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  • Gold Velvet Angel Wings and Halo Accessory Kit (Adult)

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