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6" Plastic Rat

6" Plastic Rat


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Be a sneaky rat this Halloween!

Something that has been nearly forgotten from the Halloween tradition is the joy of pranking and scaring people you know for fun. One way to do this effectively and in a light-hearted way is to place plastic rats around areas of a house, office or party. The discovery of these creepy critters will give your friends and family a minor jump at first glance. A six inch rat is a relatively big rodent to run into in general, but these products are especially black and realistic looking, with blood red eyes and long whiskers. Hide these six inch plastic rats in cupboards, behind wastebaskets, under beds and behind doors for the best chance of garnering a scare. They also squeak when stepped on, for an added bit of realism.

  • Includes: 6 plastic rats with squeakers; they are approximately six inches long, not including the length of the tail.
  • Note: The smaller parts on the plastic rat can be a choking hazard for children under three years old.

Bring out your inner mischievousness this year and pick up a few of these plastic rats to scare friends, family or co-workers around your home or office.

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