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Army Helmets

Army Helmets


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You and what army?

Hello soldier, I've noticed that the helmet you are wearing has become unsightly, and I can not have my soldiers walking around with unsightly helmets, since what would the enemy think? These Army Helmets are a little small cir.= 23.5", but they will protect you while you are out on the battlefields collecting candy for our country. The work that you do is hard, and not everyone can handle it, so we would like to thank you for your service by giving you the best of the best.

  • Includes: One army helmet.
  • Material: Plastic-PVC.

  • Care instructions: Wipe clean only

Joining forces

Portraying someone as heroic as a soldier can be very exciting. This Army Helmet will allow children to act out the roles of army men. One way to make this army experience more realistic is to allow children to make up their own candy-getting army with their friends. By wearing the same helmets and uniforms, children will really believe that they are a part of something as big as the army. To complete this costume, you may want to find camouflage tops and bottoms, along with some face paint to make it seem like your soldiers have been crawling through the mud. For a "cleaner" soldier look, you may want to find camouflage bottoms, a black (tan or gray) shirt and a dog tag with your soldier's name on it. With these costumes, children will tackle the war on, or rather for, candy once and for all.

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