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Black Cat Ears and Tail

Black Cat Ears and Tail


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A feline fit for fantastic fun and festivity!

Let's be honest, a cat costume without ears and a tail is just a black leotard and pair of black tights. Add these Black Cat Ears and Tail, however, and the costume begins to purr with perfection. Children and adults alike will feel more like arching their backs, licking their paws and seeking out bowls of milk once they don their feline ears and swish their fuzzy black tails. Take on the look of a sleek black alley cat at the next Halloween party or fancy dress ball. Slink your way through the crowd and look aloof in true feline fashion. If a costumed dog approaches the food table next to you, simply pocket the ears, pull off the tail and save the meows for when the canine coast is clear. Cats rule, dogs drool!

  • Includes: Two soft and fuzzy black cat ears and a matching cat tail. Ages 14+.

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without cute cat-costumed trick-or-treaters and party-goers. Channel your inner kitten with these perky black cat ears and long, fuzzy black cat tail. Send shivers down the spines of the superstitious as they watch you slowly cross their paths, while you twitch your tail and smile mysteriously.

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