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Star Trek Movie Spock Ears

Star Trek Movie Spock Ears


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The man who Spocked an epic story!

A firm favorite of the Star Trek series, few people have captured an audience's imagination like Spock. Now, with the Star Trek Movie Spock Ears accessory, you can style yourself after the half-Vulcan, half-human commanding office. Even non-Trekkies know that Spock is famous for his semi-pointed ears, so you can expect everybody to know exactly who you're supposed to be! This accessory is essential for an accurate portrayal of Spock and makes the perfect addition to your USS enterprise uniform. Spock had a uniquely analytical mind that could grasp concepts like nobody else, so there is a little pressure on you to match his intelligence. POP QUIZ: How is time travel possible? OK, that's a tough one. Even if you can't match his IQ, you can at least attract some of Spock's mysterious allure as you adorn his classic ears as part of your Halloween or costume party ensemble.

  • Includes: One pair of synthetic ears.
  • Does Not Include: Costume or any other accessories.

Everybody loves Spock. He's philosophical, intelligent, and brave. And now you'll have his most lovable feature - his pointed ears! There's a lot to love about this man, so live long and prosper, Spock, live long and prosper!

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